What Services Are Offered at a Canberra Emergency Dental Clinic?

What Services Are Offered at a Canberra Emergency Dental Clinic?

In case of an emergency, Canberra residents who do not have dental insurance can rely on the services provided by Canberra Emergency Dental which is one of the most affordable dental care facilities in the ACT. This dental centre which is one of three dental clinics operated by the ACT Government offers its patients a comprehensive range of services. The centre provides free basic dental care for all its patients along with various other health and medical assistance for its low income families as well as those who are unemployed.

canberra emergency dental

Canberra Emergency Dental Clinic

The services provided at this dental centre are comprehensive, that patients can be treated for tooth decay, gum disease, and other dental problems that may develop in an emergency. If there is an accident or injury that causes a tooth to become damaged, all of the patients at this centre will be referred to an orthodontist to fix the problem. There are several different types of treatments available at Canberra Emergency Dental, including general dentistry, pediatric dentistry, endodontics and cosmetic dentistry.

For those residents of the ACT who do not have dental insurance, this dental centre strives to make sure that they provide their patients with every possible treatment option that they might require in an emergency. If you are suffering from a toothache or other types of dental problems such as abscesses, root canals, and other oral problems, this centre understands your need to receive immediate treatment. However, if you are not in an immediate need for dental care, this dental centre is also set up to offer its patients the opportunity to take advantage of other various dental programs that it offers its patients. One of these programs is the “Prevention Check” program, which is offered on an annual basis. Through this program, patients can get a free teeth cleaning. This program works to increase the number of patients who see a dentist on a regular basis by offering free checkups to people who need them, and by reducing the number of patients who go without any type of preventative care.

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