Shock Absorbers in Australia

Shock Absorbers in Australia

Shock absorbers are used in numerous applications around the world. They are also referred to as load absorbers or vehicle cushions. Their original application was in military applications, which made them a close replica of the body of tanks and other vehicles. In more recent years, they have become an integral part of passenger automobiles. They are often used to minimize the shock absorption in cars that have seating as well as in vehicles with long bodies, such as trucks and SUVs.


Shock absorbers Australia are important for a variety of reasons. They are often used to minimize passenger injuries in vehicles that have a large passenger volume. When passengers suffer an incapacitating accident, such as being thrown out of a car, they benefit from the material used to cushion the passengers. They also can be used to help prevent the frame of a car from cracking during severe road impacts.


Shock absorbents are made of various materials, including steel and aluminum. Steel is usually the material of choice because it is the easiest to shape into a foam. It has a low density, but it is strong enough to be used as a shock absorber. Aluminum is another option for those who are looking for durable, lightweight and shock-absorbent material for their automobiles.

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