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Benefits of Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic Massage cairns have been practiced in the Cairns area for many years and is highly recommended by health care practitioners. The healing benefits of this type of massage are well documented as they can help to relieve stress, improve circulation and help you feel better and look younger. It is also one of the best methods of treating the common cold as it uses a special technique that helps to increase your immunity system. One of the greatest benefits of this form of massage is that it not only promotes health but also helps to improve your mental and emotional well being.

lymphatic massage cairns

Benefits of Lymphatic Massage

Many people in the Cairns area will attest to the positive benefits of this form of therapy. The massage therapist works on a particular part of the body with different movements, each movement helps to release tension in the areas that are being treated. The massage therapist will first use light rubbing strokes in order to work on tight areas such as the legs, ankles and knees. They then will move onto applying more pressure to the muscle areas and working towards releasing the muscle tension. In addition to using this pressure and rubbing they will also apply light circular movements to help to loosen up the muscles and help them relax.


You can also benefit from lymphatic massage at the Cairns Hotel which is located in the Cairns suburb of Innamincka. This hotel is very popular among tourists and people who travel to the region for a holiday. The hotel is staffed by staff that speak English and can guide you throughout the hotel to give you an accurate description of what you will experience. There are some unique treatments available such as a Swedish massage where a Swedish massage expert will work on your body in order to help loosen up your muscles and ease any soreness. There are also Swedish massages offered at the hotel that uses the same technique as the Swedish massage but these types of massages are much more intense.