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What Is PASMA Training?

PASMA is an abbreviation for Portable Aerial Self-Contained Airworthiness Monitoring System. This is why safety and security training course providers have now also offered PASMA training as a part of their curriculum. The Prefabricated Access Control Manufacturers & Distributors Association (P CASMA) is an independent trade association for the portable access tower industry, which is behind the following training classes: Useful website for more useful information.

Why My Pasma Training Is Better Than Yours

This PASMA training course was developed to provide aspiring contractors with the knowledge to dismantle and reassemble PASMA approved mobile scaffolds using both off the shelf and pre fabricated hardware. The purpose of this class is to ensure that potential mobile crane operators are provided with the knowledge and skills to safely dismantle and assemble mobile scaffolding towers according to approved safety standards, according to local building and construction laws. It is important that these trainees also learn how to properly secure the equipment to the foundation, so they can then assemble it on top of the ground. Learning how to do this will ensure that accidents or fatalities do not occur on the job site, due to inexperienced operators.

PASMA also offers courses in the areas of mast cable installation and control, mobile access towers and mast guard training. In addition to these courses, they also offer several other related products including mobile mast guard components, mast guards for steel and aluminum towers, cable assemblies, mobile mast guard training and PASMA authorized site evaluation and design. In order to make sure that all trainees receive the maximum amount of training and experience before gaining employment, they will need to pass one of the PASMA’s comprehensive licensing exams – the Paperwork Essentials (EEP).