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What is a Tye Dye Mask?

The tye dye mask is the perfect beauty tool for the everyday woman. It helps to refresh and revitalize your skin giving you the healthy glow back. However before you head out to the drugstore or department store, you may want to do some research and find a tye dye mask that you are comfortable with. There are many to choose from but the most popular ones seem to be green, red, blue and purple. You can also have a custom made tie dye mask with your own design or picture in mind.

tye dye mask

What is a Tye Dye Mask?


Before applying the mask you will want to wash your face and apply a toner to make your skin clean and moisturized. After you have cleaned up your face, apply the tye dye mask and apply the sheet cover over your face so that it is fully covered. The tye dye mask should last anywhere from one to three hours depending on the amount of color you have chosen. Once you have applied the mask allow it to dry completely and then cover up with your normal makeup.


The goal of using a tye dye mask is to add color to your hair giving it a beautiful glow. You can find them in most department stores and beauty supply stores. If you are looking for the best selection go to an online site that specializes in these types of products. You will have a wider selection at a more affordable price. Make sure when you select the mask that you are comfortable with the coverage level. You will have to decide if you want your hair to stay bright or if you would like to have it fade some.