Month: October 2021

Roofing Contractors From Charlotte

Roofing Contractors From Charlotte

In case of Charlotte roofing problems, specialist roofing company you will find that you have many options from which to choose from. You can either try to fix it yourself or get it repaired by Charlotte roofers. The latter option is preferred by most homeowners because it guarantees the job will be done correctly and on time. However, if you want to make sure that your roof is properly fixed or if there are some minor issues you need to hire roofing professionals from Charlotte. This is because some issues can be easily resolved yourself and if you know what to look for, then you will have no problem at all identifying the issue and finding a solution to it.


You will find that there are many charlotte roofing companies in Charlotte. This means that there is a great deal of competition among them to win customers and this is exactly why they offer some great deals. If you decide to hire one of the Charlotte roofing contractors, you should check out their previous work experience and then choose the one with the best track record. This way, you ensure that they will do a good job for you also get the best value for the money.


Some other important considerations that you should keep in mind include whether the Charlotte roofing company you have chosen has the necessary insurance and whether they have the relevant license. As far as these are concerned, you can check online or ask around. In any case, you will discover that Charlotte roofers with the required certifications and licenses will always be the best.

seekahost minecraft servers review

Minecraft Server Hosting | SeekaHost Hosting Review

Gaming since these lock downs has been a life saver. Lets check out this Minecraft Hosting company helping people get online and playing together.

Minecraft is a popular game and has been growing steadily since its creation. What it offers that some other games don’t do is a variety of online servers you can rent and host yourself. You can then invite others on and play together no matter where you are.

SeekaHost Minecraft Server Hosting Review

We have spent some time trying a number of server hosting after many of our kids got into Minecraft since the first lock-down. Being able to have your children and their friends playing together on an online world has helped them socialise when otherwise they wouldn’t.

Running a Minecraft server can be one of the best ways due to the way you have much more control of what happens and can keep a great eye out on what is even said in game.

SeekaHost has an excellent management dashboard which i found very easy to navigate and they also helped me on the live chat to get started. Once set up they explained and sent me a video of how to keep your kids safe online, and how to use your dashboard.

One of the parts i was most impressed with is the chat option, where i could see exactly what had been typed into the chat and by whom. This is great in case you get a “bad cookie” join on and try to spoil the fun.

As well as that you can check any player that has every joined, and then if needed ban then by their username or even IP address. This way people can create another account and join back on.
My review of SeekaHost is a positive one as i found everything very straight forward and they had a tutorial for most aspects.

Live support was also very helpful. I spoke to a guy called Praween and he was very helpful, and was quick to let me know how i can adjust something on my server.

Server Specs and Game-play

From what I can tell, the hardware is solid and i didn’t have any crashes on my server, everything worked as expected and i didn’t have any faults. I was able to swap server types, and add one with plugins which was also easy using the plugins option on the multicraft.

Game-play was good, i played with both my children and 2 of their friends and we didn’t have any lag in game. We actually played for many hours as i wanted to really test the servers and we all had a great time.

Our Review of SeekaHost Minecraft Servers

I think its safe to say we do approve of the services provided here. From the moderation features to keep the kids safe to the easy installation or changing of server types. It certainly will get you well on your way of creating a fun Minecraft community.
They also have a 25 percent off discount for your first server with code 25OFF. So take advantage of that whilst you can! Link to SeekaHost Minecraft Servers.…